Technical design
4509 TFE-PG7 14,8 PG - 7 10 6
4510 TFE-PG9 18,7 PG - 9 10,4 6
4511 TFE-PG11 21,7 PG - 11 10,4 6
4512 TFE-PG13,5 23,7 PG - 13,5 10,3 6
4513 TFE-PG16 27 PG - 16 10,3 6
4514 TFE-PG21 32,8 PG - 21 12,5 7,8
4515 TFE-PG29 44,1 PG - 29 13,3 7,8
4516 TFE-PG36 52,6 PG - 36 13,7 7,7
4517 TFE-PG42 59,5 PG - 42 16,3 9,6
4518 TFE-PG48 64,2 PG - 48 18 11,8
4519 TFE-12 15 M 12 x 1,5 10 6
4520 TFE-16 20 M 16 x 1,5 10,5 6
4521 TFE-20 24 M 20 x 1,5 10,5 6
4587 TFE-25 29,7 M 25 x 1,5 12,8 7,8
4588 TFE-32 36,6 M 32 x 1,5 13,3 7,8
4589 TFE-40 45,8 M 40 x 1,5 13,4 7,8
4590 TFE-50 55,5 M 50 x 1,5 16,2 9,8
4591 TFE-63 69,3 M 63 x 1,5 17,5 11,8

Where to buy threaded plugs for electrical panels?

If you are looking for Threaded caps or if you are looking for a particular type of Threaded caps model then you are on the right site because Panozzo has an almost infinite series of all types of threads protection to satisfy all users.

Panozzo offers the customer the possibility of creating small batches for articles in plastic, according to his needs.

The Threaded caps of Panozzo have an easy grip, which ensures a firm insertion, protecting the thread from dirt, moisture and corrosion.

The portal is structured in such a way as to allow the client to easily find the Threaded caps of plastic he needs, thanks to the well-highlighted images.

Panozzo's warehouse has more than five thousand articles of plastic printed in various materials (pvc, nylon 6.6, epdm, silicone, etc.).

On our website in threads protection section you can find Threaded caps, widely used in hydraulic, pneumatic and general mechanical industry.

The Threaded caps offered by Panozzo are also excellent for merchandise sectors such as spare parts for body work, boating, modelling or automotive.

Where to find Threaded caps?

Our Threaded caps of plastic can be found in section threads protection of our site.

The Threaded caps of plastic that you find in the catalog are available in our warehouse and will be shipped as soon as possible.

Panozzo not only offers the organization or advice, but also the full management of the order or purchase of threads protection, according to customer needs.

Thanks to the Panozzo's extensive expertise in consulting, design and production of molded parts in plastic and Threaded caps, our offer of threads protection can embrace various application areas.

For Panozzo quality is everything. Browse in the category threads protection to find out all of our products we provide.

On the site you can find Threaded caps of plastic for signage and road signs, for photovoltaic, for automotive sector. Panozzo has always been the reference partner for the development of advanced solutions for threads protection.

The company has a wide range of Threaded caps threaded of protection thread. Our Threaded caps in plastic can be used to protect threads metric from M8 to M52, GAS from 1/8 "to 3" or threads UNF from 5/16 "to 2.1 / 2".

On in closure holes section you can find several aesthetic Threaded caps, if you need a Threaded caps hole cover for furniture or for window frames.

Very often the same Threaded caps in plastic can be used for different purposes such as for example for molded cases circular or for poles or of protection for pipes.

How to request threads protection?

To request samples of threads protection click on the image of the Threaded caps of your interest. You can select one or more Threaded caps and, once you have chosen, click on the link to check the selections and send the request. Please note that if you are already a customer of Panozzo or have already requested samples, you can log in to the CUSTOMER AREA, thus avoiding having to enter all your personal data.

When we speak of protection for pipes threaded we can understand the internal or external male. This is not a problem because Panozzo has both Threaded caps male and Threaded caps female.

Panozzo's Threaded caps are made of different materials depending on the use. For example for varnishing a Threaded caps can be used in silicone or Epd or polyethylene. The measures range is from 0.5 mm. to over 100 mm.

for closure molded cases are used Threaded caps finned in plastic standard color black, always available in stock and ready to ship. The range includes Threaded caps of plastic for tubolar circular, rectangular and square. The dimensions range from 10mm. at over 100mm.

How to apply for athreaded plugs for electrical panels?

If you have to apply for a quote click on the threaded plugs for electrical panels and then on the code that interests you. Click on the icon to the left of the code: Threaded caps is inserted into the cart. Click on the display to display the shopping cart, indicate the amount of Threaded caps required and complete all the data on the Master Card if you are not already a customer, otherwise enter user and password.
If you have to add another Threaded caps of the category threads protection or else, click the green arrow back to the products.

Want to download the PDF catalog of the threads protection family?

You can download the updated PDF catalog of plastic Threaded caps of your interest from the main page of threads protection or the CATALOG CATALOG PDF section of our site

The catalog shows the image, design and material of production and the size of the plastic Threaded caps that you find on the site

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