Anti Loss Washer are suitable to prevent the loss of screw and bolts during assembly and disassembly. Are also ideal for securing screws provisionally without nuts
Technical design
8004 RONF-M3-8 2,5 3,2 8 0,8 M3
8005 RONF-M3-9 2,5 3,2 9 0,8 M3
8006 RONF-M3-10 2,5 3,2 10 0,8 M3
8007 RONF-M3-12.8 2,5 3,2 12,8 0,8 M3
8008 RONF-M3.5-7 2,9 3,7 7 0,5 M3,5
8009 RONF-M3.5-8 2,9 3,7 8 0,5 M3,5
8010 RONF-M4-8 3,3 4,3 8 0,8 M4
8011 RONF-M4-9 3,3 4,3 9 0,8 M4
8012 RONF-M4-10 3,3 4,3 10 0,8 M4
8013 RONF-M4-12,8 3,3 4,3 12,8 0,8 M4
8014 RONF-M5-10 4,2 5,3 10 1 M5
8015 RONF-M5-12 4,2 5,3 12 1 M5
8016 RONF-M5-20 4,2 5,3 20 1 M5
8017 RONF-M6-9.5 4,6 6,2 9,5 1 M6
8018 RONF-M6-12 5,2 6,4 12 1,2 M6
8019 RONF-M6-12/1,6 5,2 6,4 12 1,6 M6
8020 RONF-M6-12.5 5,2 6,4 12,5 1,6 M6
8021 RONF-M6-14 5,2 6,4 14 1,2 M6
8022 RONF-M6-15 5,2 6,4 15 1,6 M6
8023 RONF-M6-16 5,2 6,4 16 1,6 M6
8024 RONF-M6-17 5,2 6,4 17 1,6 M6
8025 RONF-M8-12 6,6 8,4 12 1,6 M8
8026 RONF-M8-18 6,6 8,4 18 1,5 M8
8027 RONF-M10-20 8,2 10,5 20 2 M10
8028 RONF-M10-22 8,2 10,5 22 2 M10
8029 RONF-M10-24 8,2 10,5 24 2 M10
8030 RONF-M12-24 10,7 13 24 2,5 M12
8031 RONF-M12-27 10,7 13 27 2,5 M12
8032 RONF-M12-30 10,7 13 30 2,5 M12
8033 RONF-M16-32 13,6 17 32 3 M16

Searching for anti-loss washers?

Panozzo has an almost endless array of all types of fasteners and fixings to meet the needs of all users.

The site allows customers and/or potential clients to easily and quickly find the washer of plastic it needs.

A strong point is the website:, which is structured according to the use of products such anti-loss washers and with the images of the plastic parts well in evidence.

The production of anti-loss washers is made almost exclusively in PA 6.6. This material is a polyamide belonging to the family of the most popular thermoplastic hdpe with nomenclature, great for fixing elements which exclude the use of metal. For particular uses it can be assessed by the production of washer Teflon

Panozzo guarantees technical support to the customer, evaluates and advises the type of washer in a logic of economic ethics, finding the most suitable solution for each customer.

Where to use anti-loss washers

Panozzo provides fasteners and fixings as a solution in various sectors. In the fasteners and fixings section of the site you can find the fasteners in plastic for mechanics, the washer as spare parts for body work, the parts for the boating, the fasteners for the modeling or plastic washers for screws for automotive.

If you need circles fasteners in plastic for modeling articles, all your needs are met with Panozzo's selections of fasteners and fixings.

In the fasteners and fixings of our site you can find all the fixing elements which exclude the use of metal you're looking for.

Our fasteners and fixings are able to provide solutions for various sectors such as for signage and road signs, for photovoltaic or for the automotive sector.

Panozzo's plastic washers for screws have as their main features the lightness that absorbs the strong vibrations in the most opportune way without unscrewing, are difficult to break and thanks to their elasticity they are resistant to any kind of shock.

Where to find fasteners and fixings

If you are looking plastic washers for screws, fasteners in hdpe to drive parts of plastic for the body or for the preparation of the vehicles you will definitely find all in the site category fasteners and fixings. When it comes to washer in plastic it is expected to be a major commodity for the repair of a car because it's not easy to find. Thanks to our careful attention to product quality, you will have fasteners of plastic both viable and efficient. Browse the category fasteners and fixings and find the parts in plastic for the body that you need most.

For Panozzo quality is everything. The articles for the body, such as plastic washers for screws, are specifically designed to allow a perfect body repair of any type of car. All fasteners and fixings and fasteners of plastic that you find in the catalog are available in our warehouse and will be shipped as soon as possible, because for us it is crucial that every customer receives the parts in plastic they need to do their work as quickly as possible. Navigate in the category fasteners and fixings to discover all our products we provide.

If you are looking for nautical accessories in plastic: buttons, caps, clamps, nuts, plug hole covers and screw covers, anti-loss washers, underscrews, washers, grommets, rivets and many other fundamental items to do a perfect job.

With the parts in plastic of Panozzo, such as plastic washers for screws that allow rapidity and simplicity of the mounting of exhibitors for points of sale, customizable solutions are possible, in the form, in the shape and sizes, to best enhance the image and the communication of each customer.

So if you are searching for fixing elements which exclude the use of metal automotive or for the electronics industry or for the electrical industry, do not hesitate to ask for samples of our offers or fasteners in plastic.

Panozzo has a more than 700 square meters of warehouse space.

The ability to rapidly manage the supplying of fasteners and fixings, thanks to an always well-stocked warehouse and to the continuous technological innovation for the management of customer orders, makes Panozzo a reference point for fixing elements which exclude the use of metal.

Panozzo offers a huge service which includes the organization, advising or the full management of the order/purchase of fasteners in plastic based on customer needs.

From Panozzo you can find fasteners and fixings for signs, road signs, anti-loss washers for photovoltaics, fasteners in plastic for the automotive sector. Panozzo has always been the preferred partner for the development of advanced solutions for all types of fixing elements which exclude the use of metal.

The fasteners in plastic, for example washer of plastic, is used especially in those cases in which the elements are subjected to strong corrosion for long periods, in which even hardened steel is unable to withstand. It also has good elastic properties that can provide adequate resistance to vibrations.

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