GAS column also valid for type thread BSP
Technical design
1228 CAPM3,6X13 3,6 13 M4
10684 CAPM4,8X13 4,8 13 M4
10683 CAPM5,3X13 5,3 13 M6 7/32"
1229 CAPM6,1X13 6,1 13 1/4"
1230 CAPM7,5X13 7,5 13 -
1231 CAPM7,5X25 7,5 25 -
1232 CAPM7,7X13 7,7 13 M8 5/16"
1233 CAPM7,7X25 7,7 25 -
10685 CAPM8,7X13 8,7 13
10686 CAPM8,7X25 8,7 25
1234 CAPM9,3X13 9,3 13 M10 1/8" 3/8"
1235 CAPM9,3X25 9,3 25 -
1236 CAPM9,7X13 9,7 13 -
1237 CAPM9,7X25 9,7 25 -
1238 CAPM10,8X13 10,8 13 7/16"
1239 CAPM10,8X25 10,8 25 -
1240 CAPM11,1X13 11,1 13 -
1243 CAPM11,1X25 11,1 25 -
1244 CAPM11,9X13 11,9 13 M12 1/2"
1245 CAPM11,9X25 11,9 25 -
1246 CAPM12,4X13 12,4 13 1/4" 1/2"
10687 CAPM12,4X25 12,4 25 1/4" 1/2"
1247 CAPM13,2X13 13,2 13 M14 17/32"
1248 CAPM13,2X25 13,2 25 -
1249 CAPM14,3X25 14,3 25 M15 9/16"
1250 CAPM15,3X13 15,3 13 M16 -
1251 CAPM15,3X25 15,3 25 -
1252 CAPM15,9X25 15,9 25 3/8" 5/8"
1253 CAPM16,3X13 16,3 13 M18 11/16"
1254 CAPM16,3X25 16,3 25 -
10688 CAPM17,4X13 17,4 13 M18
10689 CAPM17,4X25 17,4 25 M18
1255 CAPM18,8X13 18,8 13 M20 3/4"
1256 CAPM18,8X25 18,8 25 -
1257 CAPM20X13 20 13 -
1258 CAPM20X25 20 25 -
1259 CAPM20,6X13 20,6 13 M22 1/2" 13/16"
1260 CAPM20,6X25 20,6 25 -
1261 CAPM22X25 22 25 5/8" 7/8"
1262 CAPM23,8X13 23,8 13 -
1263 CAPM23,8X25 23,8 25 -
11210 CAPM24,6X13 24,6 13 M25 -
11211 CAPM24,6X25 24,6 25 M25 -
1264 CAPM25,1X13 25,1 13 M26 1"
10690 CAPM25,1X25 25,1 25 M26 1"
1265 CAPM26,9X25 26,9 25 -
10691 CAPM28,6X25 28,6 25 M30 7/8" 1.1/8"
10692 CAPM28,6X38 28,6 38 M30 7/8" 1.1/8"
1266 CAPM31,2X38 31,2 38 M32 1" 1.1/4"
10693 CAPM34,9X25 34,9 25 M35 - 1.3/8"
10694 CAPM34,9X38 34,9 38 M35 - 1.3/8"
10695 CAPM38,1X38 38,1 38 M39 - 1.1/2"
10696 CAPM38,1X50 38,1 50 M39 - 1.1/2"
1267 CAPM40,8X38 40,8 38 1.5/8"
10697 CAPM41,3X38 41,3 38 M42 1.1/4" -
10698 CAPM41,3X50 41,3 50 M42 1.1/4" -
10699 CAPM44,5X38 44,5 38 M45 1.3/8" -
10700 CAPM44,5X50 44,5 50 M45 1.3/8" -
10701 CAPM50,8X50 50,8 50 2"

Where to buy pvc pull tab?

Panozzo is the right place if you are looking for caps or if you are looking for a particular model of cap because it has a series of infinite characters of every type of threads protection to satisfy every need.

For the protection of threads in painting at high and medium temperatures Panozzo recommends the use of pvc pull tab in silicone or pvc pull tab in rubber. The caps of Panozzo are made of different materials depending on the use and the measures range from 0.5 mm to over 100 mm.

Panozzo is a point of reference for the customer as we evaluate and recommend the most suitable type of cap in plastic with a logic of technical support and economic ethics.

The strong point is the internet site: www.panozzosrl.com, which is structured according to the use of the products as pvc pull tab and with the images of caps in plastic well in evidence.

The www.panozzosrl.com site allows the customer to find the cap of plastic he needs very quickly and easily.

From the www.panozzosrl.com website it is possible to request free samples of pvc pull tab, offers and/or download the PDF catalog of threads protection.

Where to find caps of plastic? Simple! In the threads protection section of our www.panozzosrl.com website you can find what you are looking for.

The caps of Panozzo can be used in the commercial vehicle industry and for the preparation of industrial bodies, for which the ease of installation is essential.

Panozzo offers a flexible service that includes the organization, consultancy or full management (order / purchase) of threads protection, according to customer needs.

For Panozzo quality is everything. Navigate in the threads protection category to discover all our products.

The caps of plastic that you find in the catalog are available in our warehouse and will be shipped as soon as possible, because for us it is essential that every customer receives the material in the shortest possible time.

In the threads protection site section you can find caps for various product sectors such as mechanics, spare parts for body work, boating, modelling or automotive.

In addition, the caps are found in cars, on shelves, in furniture, in machinery, in home fixtures, in household appliances, in computers, etc. Virtually everywhere!

With caps of closure holes you can to close any type of hole on sheet metal, on furniture, on light points, in the wall and other artifacts.

As for the size of pvc pull tab for closure of a hole on sheet metal, just measure with the caliber the diameter of hole from to close, go to the Panozzo site in section closure holes and click on the image of the chosen cap. The header of the dimensional table columns corresponds to the letters found on the technical drawing. You just have to choose the code of cap of plastic.

The type of cap to be used depends on the purpose, and for this reason Panozzo offers both caps of plastic with high aesthetic value, cheap and quick to apply.

If you need a cap hole cover for furniture or for window frames on our www.panozzosrl.com site you can find in closure holes section different caps aesthetic that are right for you.

Very often the same cap in plastic can be used for different purposes such as for example for molded cases circular or for poles or of protection for pipes.

for closure molded cases caps finned in plastic standard are used, always available in stock and ready to be shipped.

The company has a wide range of caps threaded of protection thread.

Have you ever thought how much time is lost in the production of a cap in iron to be welded on tubolar? Using caps finned of plastic is the fastest, easiest and most economical solution.

Panozzo proposes caps of plastic to save its customers time and money due to damage caused by dust, dirt or liquids.

How to request samples of threads protection?

To request samples of threads protection click on the image of the cap of your interest. You can select one or more caps and, once you have chosen, click on the link to check the selections and send the request. Please note that if you are already a customer of Panozzo or have already requested samples, you can log in to the CUSTOMER AREA, thus avoiding having to enter all your personal data.

How to request an offer of pvc pull tab?

If you have to request an offer click on the image of pvc pull tab and then on the code that interests. Click on the icon to the left of the code: the cap is inserted in the cart. Click on the display of the cart, indicate the quantity of caps required and fill in all the details of the personal data if you are not already a customer, otherwise enter the user and password. If you need to add another cap of the threads protection or other category, click on the green arrow back to the products.

Do you want to download the PDF catalog of the threads protection family?

You can download the always updated PDF catalog of caps in plastic of your interest from the main page of threads protection or from the PDF CATALOGS section of our www.panozzosrl.com website. The catalog shows the image, the design, the material of production and the dimensions of the cap in plastic that you find on the site.

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