Technical design
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5198 COPL3,5-6 13,6 3,4 1 3,5-6
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5200 COPL5-6 17,5 5 1 5-6

Are you looking for uniscrew caps?

Are you looking for uniscrew cap or a particular uniscrew caps template? You're on the right site! Panozzo has a wide range to meet the needs of all users.

Panozzo has more than five thousand articles of plastic printed in various materials (polyethylene, pvc, polypropylene, epdm, silicone, etc.).

Panozzo has as its primary objective to find the most suitable solution for each customer. This is why it guarantees technical support to the customer, evaluating and advising the optimal type of uniscrew cap in a logic of economic ethics.

Panozzo guarantees quick times in the supply of uniscrew caps, thanks to a well-stocked warehouse of over 700 square meters and continuous technological innovation for the management of customer orders.

The www.panozzosrl.com portal allows customers to quickly and easily find the type of uniscrew cap of plastic they need.

The strength of our website www.panozzosrl.com is the structure, designed to highlight the images related to uniscrew caps in plastic. In this way it is easy to find what you are looking for!

Why use fasteners and fixings?

Often, due to various technical and safety requirements, we are forced to eliminate potential electrical conductors and therefore somehow we are forced to resort to alternative materials such as the plastic which guarantees the same mechanical properties of metals but without having their negative characteristics.

The elements of plastic can be connected, using uniscrew cap. Our uniscrew caps guarantee maximum efficiency up to 100°C. For higher temperatures it is better to use components in Teflon.

The production of uniscrew caps is made almost exclusively in PA 6.6. This material is a polyamide belonging to the family of the most known thermoplastics with the nomenclature polypropylene, excellent for uniscrew caps.

I uniscrew cap in plastic are lighter, offer more insulation, do not corrode, attenuate and resist vibrations and are more easily manipulated.

If you are looking for uniscrew caps in plastic for modeling on Panozzo, you will be spoiled for choice.

In the fasteners and fixings section of our site you can easily find uniscrew caps of plastic and all the uniscrew caps you are looking for.

The use of uniscrew caps is intended for vans, trucks, vehicles, trailers and coaches and buses.

Quality is everything for Panozzo. The bodywork articles, such as uniscrew cap, are specifically designed to allow a perfect repair of the bodywork of any type of car. All the fasteners and fixings and the screws of plastic that you find in the catalog are available in our warehouse and will be shipped as soon as possible. Navigate in the fasteners and fixings category to discover all our products.

The goal of Panozzo is to help companies in their purchases, so we offer uniscrew caps that are closer to the needs of each customer.

Where to find fasteners and fixings?

If you are looking for uniscrew cap in polypropylene for cars, for bodywork or for setting up vehicles, you will surely find everything in the fasteners and fixings site category. Thanks to our scrupulous attention to the quality of the products, you will have uniscrew caps of plastic valid and efficient. Navigate between the category fasteners and fixings and find the screws in plastic for bodywork that you need.

Thanks to our extensive expertise in consultancy, design and production of molded parts in plastic, our uniscrew cap offer can encompass different applications in the electrical and electronic industries.

From Panozzo you can find uniscrew caps for automotive, for the electronics industry or for the electrical industry. Do not hesitate to ask for offers or samples via our www.panozzosrl.com website.

The fasteners and fixings can be found in cars, on shelves, in furniture, in machinery, in home fixtures, in household appliances, in computers and in any other place.

Panozzo can only become your point of reference for the purchase of nautical accessories of plastic for uniscrew caps and screws of various kinds.

In addition, from Panozzo you can find fasteners and fixings for signage and road signs, uniscrew caps for photovoltaic or uniscrew caps in plastic for the automotive sector.

With the in plastic small parts of Panozzo, like uniscrew caps that allow quick and easy assembly of the display units for points of sale, customizable solutions can be created, in shape, shape and size, to enhance the image and the communication of each customer.

How to request samples of fasteners and fixings?

To request samples of fasteners and fixings click on the image of the uniscrew cap of your interest. You can select one or more uniscrew caps and, once you have chosen, click on the link to check the selections and send the request. Please note that if you are already a customer of Panozzo or have already requested samples, you can log in to the CUSTOMER AREA, thus avoiding having to enter all your personal data.

How to request an offer of uniscrew caps?

If you have to request an offer click on the image of uniscrew caps and then on the code that interests. Click on the icon to the left of the code: the uniscrew cap is inserted in the cart. Click on the display of the cart, indicate the quantity of uniscrew caps required and fill in all the details of the personal data if you are not already a customer, otherwise enter the user and password. If you need to add another uniscrew cap of the fasteners and fixings or other category, click on the green arrow back to the products.

Do you want to download the PDF catalog of the fasteners and fixings family?

You can download the always updated PDF catalog of uniscrew caps in plastic of your interest from the main page of fasteners and fixings or from the PDF CATALOGS section of our www.panozzosrl.com website. The catalog shows the image, the design, the material of production and the dimensions of the uniscrew cap in plastic that you find on the site.

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